In today’s world there seem to be media options for almost every interest.  In multicultural media, while there are numerous publications catering to the Hispanic segment, for advertisers interested in reaching other segments such as that of the Arab American community, there is a definitive lack of options.
As we look for options to reach the Arab American community, there are relatively few options that relate to the community in the U.S.  While few, these local publications have the ability to make an impact.
Here is a brief list of some Arab American media resources that offer digital advertising options to reach the Arab American community.

MDHHS – Arab American Diabetes Outreach (English & Arabic)


Here is a brief video highlighting diversity : We are Arab America




In an article from Pew Research Center for Journalism & Media, there is a discussion about Arab-American Media (LINK)
Of the reasons cited in the article, many apply today.
  • The Arab-American population across the U.S. is ethnically diverse
  • Technology advancements have brought new competition for advertising dollars from Arab outlets located in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Social Media ability to expand news outside the region.

What about Advertisers?  While this community represents a smaller segment and may be difficult to justify breaking out specific resources, there are areas where this is a must.

  • Census Bureau – needs to reach out to all multicultural segments
  • Auto dealers in communities with a strong Arab American presence:  Multicultural Auto Marketing
  • Health Organizations – government and private in areas with a large Arab American community.
While the challenges to media as well as advertising budgets are relevant, for brands and agencies that are serious about reaching the Arab American community, utilizing local and regional media outlets will relate to the daily lives of Arab Americans and can make an outsized impact.
For additional information for advertisers looking to reach the Arab American community, Alcance Media Group’s Arab American advertising team can assist.  LINK:

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